• Fine paper grades: Coated, Uncoated, Office paper, Carbonless and Copy paper.
  • Publishing grades: Newsprint, SC mechanical, MWC and LWC.
  • Boards: Duplex board, Folding bon board, Solid bleached boards and Grey board.
  • Industrial paper: Cigarette papers and hoards, Food grades papers, PE coated papers and Liquid packaging.
  • Specialty paper: Grease proof papers, Security pa per, Thin papers, Bleached and Brown Kraft paper.

Speciality Paper and Board

It is a range of product which is used for covers, letterheads, invitation and wedding cards. It is available in grammages from 70g to 400g in different texture, finishing and outstanding colors. Our main suppliers are GMUND from Germany with 3 outstanding category (Savanna with wood and stone texture; Kaschmir with cotton, wool & velvet feel; Reaction with shiny metallic and reaction effect that change the color of the paper depending on the rays of light) and FABRIANO from Italy with its famous Palatina Ivory paper which is specially used for books, diary, calendar etc.

Sticker Paper

Sticker paper is available in sheets and reels which is originated from Europe and China. The available size for sheets is 70x100cm in ADESTOR” brand from Spain or China quality too. For reels, we have various sizes supplied by RAFLATAC from Finland with various materials such as matt paper, high gloss paper, PVC, PP, PE and PET. The end use of sticker paper are for stationary, labeling of bottles, packaging label, reference numbering, oil/lubricant storage signage and so much more. It is available in grammages such as 80g, 105 g & 110g.

Letterhead Papers and Envelopes

Our main brand for Letterhead and Envelope is Commander from Holland which comes in 4 different textures: Laid, Linen, Hammer, and Wove. It is also available in 3 shades: High White, Off-White, and Light Cream. The available substances are 95g for letterhead with size 43x61cm, 250g & 300g for business card plus cover in 70x100cm size and 120g for envelope with size 22x11cm.

Grey Board

Grey board is available from 1mm to 4mm in different finishes such as grey/grey, grey/white, grey/black, & full black. We are the official distributor of the ESKA brand from Holland. It can be used for diary cover, hardbound books cover, box files, fancy boxes and gift boxes. The standard size is 70x100cm. It is also available with foam-pasted for diaries cover.

Folding Box Board

Folding box board is of European and Asian origin. The major end use of folding boxboard are health and beauty products, frozen, chilled and other foods packing, confectionaries, pharmaceuticals, graphical uses and cigarettes packing. The available substances are ranging from 210g to 560g in 70x100cm size.

Duplex Board

The available substances in our stock are ranging from 250g to 500g in two qualities, Grey back and White back. Mainly Asian origin or from Obeikan-KSA made from recycled pulp. Duplex board is used for packaging such as tissue boxes, book cover, support for shopping bags and other packing products. The standard size is 70x100cm.

Bristol Board

The main use of Bristol board is for folder, partitioning, attendance slip, and separation. The available substances are 180g, 240g, and 300g in White plus 4 different colors (Yellow, Blue, Pink and Green) also 350g only in White color. The standard size is 70x100cm and with Golden Coin” brand from Indonesia.

Copy Paper

Copy Paper is mainly in A4 and A3 size. It is used for photocopying, printing, presentation, proofing, etc.

Available substances:75g, 80g, 100g, 120g and 160g

Brand/Origin: Navigator Universal” and Discovery” from Portugal

                          Yes Silver Multifunction” and UPM Office Multifunction” from UPM China

                          Extra Laser” and Copy Life” from Fabriano Italy

Carbonless Paper

Carbonless copy paper known as NCR (no carbon required) has largely replaced traditional one-time carbon paper. Its end use such as multipart business forms, continuous stationery, and credit card slips. The available substances are 50g, 55g, 80g, and 170g. It is available in sheets with size 70x100cm and reels with reelwidth 24.2cm. The brands that we have in stock are Instant from Indonesia and Super Image from China. The converted products are made up of 3 types of carbonless paper.

Coated back paper (CB)

The paper is surface sized. Then the back side is coated off-machine with microcapsules. CB paper is also lightly pigment coated on the top side to improve brightness and printability.

Coated front and back paper (CFB)

The back side is surfaced sized, and the top side is coated with reactive pigment. Then the back side is coated off-machine with the CB microcapsule coating.

Coated front paper (CF)

The back side is surfaced sized, and the top side is coated with developer.


Coated Art Paper

Coated Art Paper is available in Matt and Gloss finish. The packaging can be bulk packed or ream wrapped on pallet. It is used for magazines, brochure, catalog, coffee table books, etc.

Available Substance: 80g to 400g
Available Size: 64x90cm and 70x100cm
Brand/Origin: “Magno” from Sappi Europe
Xprore” from China [for some substances)

Wood Free paper

Wood free paper is available in reels and sheets. It is mainly used for making school books, exercise books, etc. The available substances are ranging from 60g to 140g with sizes 64x90cm & 70.100cm and in reels with reelwidth 24.2cm in 60g & 80g only. The brands that we have in stock are “Soporset” from Europe, “IK Bluish” from Indonesia and also Asian & Indian quality too

Colour Wood Free Paper

Color wood free paper is of Indonesian origin. It is specially used for Identification books, indexing and flyers. The available substances are 55g and 80g in 4 different colors which are Yellow, Blue, Pink and Green. The standard size is 70x100cm.